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Subpoena Compliance

Despite being properly served with the equivalent of a court order, Hansmeier blatantly disobeyed the subpoena arguing clearly frivolously that he was not properly served because he was served while attending an unrelated hearing. Mr. Paul Godread who - despite being targeted - has admirably chosen to represent Mr. Patel with respect to the subpoena. On October 21, 2013, a hearing was held regarding the subpoena served on Hansmeier. Chintella provided Mr. Godfread research in support of the hearing.

Paul Hansmeier

Docket handled by local counsel Paul Godfread.
001Patel's Motion
002Memorandum of Law
003Notice of Motion
004Farmer Affidavit
004-1Copy of Hansmeier Subpoena
005Chintella Declaration
006Meet and Confer Certification
007Certificate of Service
008Notice of Hearing
008-1Certificate of Service
009Order of Reassignment
010Notice of Hearing
010-1Certificate of Service
011Hansmeier Response
011-2Hansmeier envelope
012Exhibit A

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