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  • "5.0 stars Posted by anonymous April 24, 2019 I bought a vehicle from a dealership almost a year ago. Never got the title. Exhausted all my remedies with no results. Hired Mr Chintella and he got this problem resolved. This review is from a person who hired this attorney. Hired attorney" Client

  • "5.0 stars Posted by Phillip March 8, 2019 Blair is a good listener and I felt he understood the stress I was experiencing. He is genuine; he is down-to-earth; and he makes you feel comfortable. He was efficient and he handled my case in a very professional manner. His fees are reasonable. Don't go into court without representation. I didn't have to say a word in court. He took care of everything. He is a good soldier to have watching your back. This review is from a person who hired this attorney. Hired attorney Mr. Chintella is an attorney who won my trust."

  • "5.0 stars Posted by Gil Freeman December 23, 2017 Do you know the story of the Devil and Daniel Webster? Well no exaggeration, Mr. Chintella literally went into the Devil's Den and won back my soul from a superior court that had been hostile towards me for years due to family law matters and false allegations. If you've been to family court then you may how quickly things can sour. Mr. Chintella was able to secure my rights to free... This review is from a person who hired this attorney. Hired attorney Justice Punch"

  • "5.0 stars Posted by Brent Cole December 12, 2017 Blair is a legal superhero. Only through gift of words could I ever hope to describe the professionalism granted by Blair and his office. He is timely, courteous, and wants the best for you and you'll know it only moments after meeting. This review is from a potential client who consulted with this attorney. Consulted attorney Experienced and Passionate Counsel"

  • "5.0 stars Posted by anonymous March 7, 2016 Blair, quite simply, is a true professional. He helped me regarding an open source software copyright case that required very specific knowledge in the field with a party that was quite difficult to deal with. Through his legal expertise, we were able to negotiate with the client in such a way that ultimately paved the path to resolution... This review is from a person who hired this attorney. Hired attorney Attorney Chintella Protected My Rights"

  • "5.0 stars Posted by anonymous December 18, 2015 I hired Attorney Chintella when I was unfairly accused of something online. He protected my identity and got me what I wanted. He wrote a great brief, was available immediately to help, and charged a very fair fee. I hope I never need a lawyer for something like this again, but if I ever did or ever know anyone who needs a lawyer in GA .... I will send them his way. This review is from a person who hired this attorney. Hired attorney Integrity and Honesty"

  • "5.0 stars Posted by Emeka August 5, 2013 Everything about my interaction with Mr. Chintella restored my faith in the legal profession. He gave me great advice, responded when he said he would and was truly an advocate and counsel - everything a lawyer should be. I truly appreciated his work and outcome that resulted. Responsive, Honest, and Competent"

  • "5.0 stars Posted by Wesley June 14, 2013 I contacted Mr. Chintella after being sued for copyright infringement related to an alleged illegal download. He immediately did some preliminary research on my case and found that the plaintiff had acted irresponsibly in suing me. Mr. Chintella then sent a letter to the presiding judge informing him of the plaintiff's unethical actions. By quickly recognizing that the lawsuit was improper, Mr... Knowledgeable and Dependable"

  • "5.0 stars Posted by Dave & Amanda February 26, 2013 Blair always took time out to make you feel like you were the only case that mattered. Always dependable, honest and easy to contact. Working with attorneys in the past I know it can sometimes be difficult to keep informed and stay in contact, this was never a problem with Blair." Always kept us well informed and was always well informed about his area of expertise. We highly recommend Blair and he will always be our first choice in contacting an attorney!